Lawaiʻa Collection Sticker
Lawaiʻa Collection Sticker
Lawaiʻa Collection Sticker

Lawaiʻa Collection Sticker

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Stickers are great for laptops, notebooks, skateboards, and any dry surface that needs some Maoli love. Features original, custom artwork by Maoli designers. Be on the lookout for our Maoli stickers across the Hawaiian islands. Don't forget to clean the flat surface before applying the sticker. Made of durable vinyl, best for dry, indoor use.

    • Premium artwork by indigenous designers.
    • Custom, trademark graphic. 
    • High opacity film that’s impossible to see through.
    • Fast and easy bubble-free application.


    Kānaka Maoli (Native Hawaiians) were expert fishermen even before Kānaka Maoli existed (referring to the time before the first Polynesians arrived in Hawaiʻi)! This expert ʻike kuʻuna (traditional knowledge) was passed down through many generations to today.

    Hawaiians would use strong fibrous plants like the olonā and hau to make fishing cordage for nets and lines. The lama and ʻieʻie plant (among others) was a robust wood good for making a variety of fish and crustacean traps. Strong hooks were fashioned out of animal bone or tough woods. They even made lures out of the shiny, reflective shells that would be passed down over many generations.

    Hawaiians also had knowledge of fish habits and habitats; They understood which moons and tides were most favorable to fishing; They recognized seasonal fisheries, and avoided catching certain species during reproductive seasons; Some even possessed a spiritual, even supernatural relationship with fishing—able to “call” fish to them with pule (prayer) and oli (chant).

    This design very simply honors our Hawaiian heritage of fishing. Wear this design to proudly represent the ancestral knowledge of Kānaka Maoli fishing practices.



    We've partnered with some stellar organizations who are taking garment printing into the 21st century with DTG (direct-to-garment) printing technology. This means, everything at Maoli is made to order and we don’t have a warehouse full of clothes lying around. This reduces the clothing waste in our business to nearly zero. 

    Our eco-friendly water-based inks provide unlimited color combinations and make detailed prints pop without reducing their vibrancy in the wash. Reducing toxicity in the environment is one of our top priorities. 

    Whenever possible, we also use organic, recycled, or sustainable fabrics to manufacture our apparel. We aim to make our products good for your body and for the ʻāina (land).

    We encourage our customers and our community to demand more from us when it comes to sustainability. Have an idea? Please don’t hesitate to reach out!