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Designed by native Hawaiians for native Hawaiians and cultural allies

Our Story

Maoli is a 100% indigenously owned, small business.

Our story began with a mission to empower native Hawaiian people and cultural allies by producing modern, 21st century apparel that accurately reflects indigenous values and culture.

When creating Maoli clothes, our designers uphold the highest standard of cultural integrity with the understanding that the clothing will be worn by people from all walks of life. With Maoli, we seek to provide an avenue for native Hawaiian people and cultural allies to positively embrace indigenous identity. 

At Maoli, we strive to uphold our values of HŌʻIHI (RESPECT), HOʻOMAU (PERPETUATE), and HOʻOULU (GROW). These values are at the forefront of everything we do and we use them to guide our designs and business.

Hōʻihi (Respect)

Our designs embody culturally-accurate, respectful representations of indigenous identity, which native people and allies can wear with pride in the 21st century.

Hoʻomau (Perpetuate)

Our designs are embedded with stories, passing down traditional cultural knowledge and life lessons from generation to generation.

Hoʻoulu (Grow)

Our designs inspire the proliferation of indigenous culture across continents and ethnic groups to cultivate and increase our cultural ambassadors and allies.


He mana ko ka moʻomeheu maoli

He nui ka haʻaheo o nā poʻe ʻōiwi no ko kākou moʻomeheu. Ma o kēia ʻoihana, he ʻiʻini ko mākou e hoʻonaʻauao i nā poʻe like ʻole – e hoʻomau a hoʻoulu i nā moʻomeheu a me nā loina o nā poʻe maoli me ka ʻihi.

Founder, Maoli

Kaipo lucas