Niuhi Tank Top
Niuhi Tank Top

Niuhi Tank Top

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This breathable, cotton men’s tank top features original, custom artwork by Maoli designers. The center chest design is printed using soft hand ink.
With a modern fit, featuring a rounded neck, this soft, breathable cotton tank top is one that can be worn casually for any occasion. Whether it is playing beach volleyball, grocery shopping at the farmers’ market, or running along the coast, this Maoli t-shirt is perfect for any occasion.

  • Men’s tank top.
  • Soft jersey cotton.
  • 100% combed and ringspun cotton.
  • Rounded neck.
  • Tank top.
  • Premium artwork by indigenous designers.
  • Custom, trademark graphic.


The Niuhi design features a large tiger shark with a kākau (Hawaiian tattoo) running the length of its spine. The tiger shark is surrounded by smaller reef sharks as it swims. 

The word, niuhi, means “man-eating shark” in Hawaiian. It is a word that evokes a feeling of respect for one of the oldest top predators of the moana (ocean). Tiger sharks are one of the largest species of shark to inhabit the Hawaiian islands and as niuhi are respected both for their strength, ferocity, and stealth.

The kākau along the spine of the the niuhi is the ʻahu ʻula (Hawaiian feather cloak). The ʻahu ʻula is strictly reserved for the aliʻi (chief) as is the tattoo pattern. With this kākau, we are honoring the niuhi’s prowess and its cultural significance among Hawaiians.

Wear this to show respect for the niuhi as the aliʻi of our oceans.


We've partnered with some stellar organizations who are taking garment printing into the 21st century with DTG (direct-to-garment) printing technology. This means, everything at Maoli is made to order and we don’t have a warehouse full of clothes lying around. This reduces the clothing waste in our business to nearly zero. 

Our eco-friendly water-based inks provide unlimited color combinations and make detailed prints pop without reducing their vibrancy in the wash. Reducing toxicity in the environment is one of our top priorities. 

Whenever possible, we also use organic, recycled, or sustainable fabrics to manufacture our apparel. We aim to make our products good for your body and for the ʻāina (land).

We encourage our customers and our community to demand more from us when it comes to sustainability. Have an idea? Please don’t hesitate to reach out!