Kalo Vintage Hat
Kalo Vintage Hat

Kalo Vintage Hat

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A cap for the modern Maoli with waves on their mind, sand in their toes, and salt in their hair. The washed canvas hat is finished with an adjustable metal buckle with a clamp at the back. The sand-worn vintage baseball cap is great for a night in town or a backyard bbq. 

  • 100% cotton twill
  • Washed out vintage effect
  • 6 panel style.
  • Black sweatband
  • Embroidered patch at center front.
  • Metal snap buckle with an antique brass finish
  • Premium artwork by indigenous designers.
  • Custom, trademark graphic.


In Hawaiian culture, kalo (taro) is a primary food source that has been widely cultivated across the islands and across Polynesia. Kalo is not only critical to the Hawaiian food system, but also holds deep ancestral ties as the kuaʻana (older sibling) of all kanaka maoli (Native Hawaiians). 

Hawaiians would plant young kalo in a loʻi (patch) next to a running stream. The loʻi would form intricate irrigation networks that would create a complex, aquaculture system. After nine months of cultivation, the kalo would be ready for harvesting and cooking. 

To turn the kalo into poi, Native Hawaiians would steam the kalo and then hand-pound the kalo into poi. Poi is a well preservable food that is very easy to eat and digest even for our elders and new babies. As a pillar of a healthy Hawaiian diet, kuʻi ʻai (pounding kalo into food) was a daily activity.

Wear this design if you support the revitalization of indigenous practices,  cultivation of kalo, love embarking on culinary kalo adventures, or simply think eating lūʻau, kalo or poi is ʻono.


We've partnered with some stellar organizations who are taking garment printing into the 21st century with DTG (direct-to-garment) printing technology. This means, everything at Maoli is made to order and we don’t have a warehouse full of clothes lying around. This reduces the clothing waste in our business to nearly zero. 

Our eco-friendly water-based inks provide unlimited color combinations and make detailed prints pop without reducing their vibrancy in the wash. Reducing toxicity in the environment is one of our top priorities. 

Whenever possible, we also use organic, recycled, or sustainable fabrics to manufacture our apparel. We aim to make our products good for your body and for the ʻāina (land).

We encourage our customers and our community to demand more from us when it comes to sustainability. Have an idea? Please don’t hesitate to reach out!